A tiny, magical creature.

As this exceptionally challenging week comes to an end, I can’t help but reflect on all the good in my life. I’m enrolled in a program that I love, doing something I feel passionate and enthusiastic about every day. This brings me joy and energy. I have the support of a partner who puts up with all the downs and helps me celebrate the ups. This brings me a feeling of security. I am healthy, in spite of Mother Nature, who literally swept me off my feet and into a horizontal position yesterday, Father Flu, who knocked me off my game earlier this week, and the ever-stressful struggle that is navigating our healthcare system to accomplish something as simple as getting a prescription renewed. This week, everything that could go wrong went wrong, and yet, it all boils down to this: at the end of the day, it takes only this tiny, magical creature, whose name I don’t even know, to make me feel happy all over.


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